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Magento is an intuitive and feature-rich Ecommerce software platform built on open-source technology. Magento provides merchants with an unprecedented array of powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools required for running a successful Ecommerce business.

Tridian specializes in designing websites for the Magento ecommerce platform. Our experienced design team understands how to create a Magento design that will convert your site visits to customers. In addition to designing Magento websites, Tridian’s PHP programming staff is experienced in implementing, customizing and installing Magento. If you’d like, Tridian can also assist you with expert Magento hosting references to host your Magento website. Hosting Magento is no easy task and you should not take Magento hosting lightly. If you would like to receive a free quote or consultation from one of our qualified Magento hosting partners, please click here and a Tridian Magento hosting representative will contact you shortly.

Magento Development Case Study –

Mockett Magento Development by Tridian

Mockett is a furniture parts manufacturer that sells wholesale to furniture manufacturers.  Mockett hired Tridian to port its online wholesale catalog to Magento as well as make functional customizations and design a new website front-end.

Magento Web Site Design for Mockett by Tridian

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